Getting The Results

At Paul Duckworth Fitness, that's exactly what we provide. A 30 minute, whole body resistance and cardio program combined with an individualized food plan to help you achieve your goals, be it weight loss, toning and firming your body or simply feeling better and more energetic.

The Program

Your program is built on 3 core elements.

Small Group Training

2-3 individual and or small group training sessions per week. These will build strength and cardio-fitness.

Food Program

Getting the food right is the key to a healthy body weight. I'll recommend an individual food plan to suit your lifestyle and your preferences.

Bi-Weekly Meetings

We start with a consultation to identify your goals and decide a plan to suit your lifestyle. We'll have regular individual meetings to fine tune your progress and stay on track.

Your Workouts

By keeping the intensity high, you'll be surprised at what you can accomplish in just 30 minutes.

  • 1.When it comes to fitness, variety makes it fun. So every workout will be different. We'll cover both cardio and strength training using a wide range of techniques.
  • 2. You'll learn new skills and exercises that you'll be able to do at home as we'll be doing a lot of work using small weights and even no weights.
  • 3. You may have issues that mean you can't exercise a particular joint or do a specific exercise. We'll work around that without compromising your results.
  • 4. I promise it'll be an amazing workout but it'll be a bit of fun as well.


Muscle feeds on fat, burns energy and increases your metabolism. Not to mention, a toned body also looks good. So strength will be a core element of your program.


We'll get your heart pumping at every session. It's not only great for your physical health, it'll release mood enhancing endorphins leaving you feeling energised.

Getting Started

  • 1. We start by discussing your goals such as weight loss, fitness or increased energy and general well being.
  • 2. Next, we review prior exercise history and determine your current fitness level.
  • 3. We discuss nutrition plan options and setup your weekly workout schedule.
  • 4. You will workout 2 to 3 times per week. If you have a significant weight loss goal or fitness target, we recommend 3 times a week. It will help you to maintain motivation and focus.
  • 5. We will meet for an individual consultation bi-weekly in order to track progress, fine tune your program and make adjustments where necessary.

About Paul Duckworth

I've been involved in fitness and personal training both in Seattle, Washington and Ireland for many years.

I understand that every client has a fitness level. My role as a trainer is to work within that level while pushing you to your individual limits.

I don't believe in drill sergeant type shouting. I do believe in enjoyable but very challenging sessions. 30 minutes may not sound like much time but believe me you'll be glad to escape!

Accomplishing any worthwhile goal is never easy but with the proper motivation, hard work and being accountable, anything is possible.

Studio Location

My studio is located on the Rahoon Road, near the Clybaun Road junction.

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