Very Engaging, Fun And A Positive Experience

Grainne Purkis,

Where did you hear about Paul and why did you decide to train with him?

I first came across Paul when I was training in another gym. He was my trainer there for a while and I really liked his style of training. He was personable and made the training sessions fun. I heard that Paul was going to start out on his own and I was interested in following and joining one of his classes.

How does training with Paul compare to other personal training you've done in the past?

I haven't done too much personal training in the past but I find Paul to be much more organised and working toward the individual than others I've worked with. Paul pays very close attention to detail and he tailors my program to my goals and I'm very pleased with that.

How would you describe your training sessions with Paul?

Very engaging, fun and a very positive experience. I feel like I've really had a good workout after a half hour.

What do you like about training with Paul?

I like the fact that Paul varies the training sessions from day to day. Every day you come in you don't know exactly what you'll be doing. You might have a general idea because he may have mentioned it the day before, but Paul has a large repertoire of exercises and the workouts are constantly changing. It keeps the enthusiasm and the enjoyment level high and I really like that part of it.

Are you happy with the overall setup, for instance the location, the studio?

I am yes, it's an excellent environment.

Do you think it's good value?

I think it's very good value because Paul pays very close attention to detail, focuses on the individual and he keeps the classes very small. You can also do 1 on 1 training if you want to.

Would you recommend Paul to others?

I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul to anyone and I have to my sister. We train together with Paul.

Having worked with personal trainers, do you have any advice for someone considering doing the same?

I would say to give it a go because you never know unless you try. As for me, it's good for motivation.

Studio Location

My studio is located on the Rahoon Road, near the Clybaun Road junction.

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