I call him El Diablo!

Michelle Burke
Bushy Park, Galway

Where did you hear about Paul and why did you decide to train with him?

I used to train with Paul at another gym. We always got on well together and I knew he was very good, so when he started up his own studio, I decided to go and I've been training with him again ever since.

How does training with Paul compare to other personal training you've done in the past?

He's absolutely excellent. What I like about training with Paul is that he won't let you stay in your comfort zone to keep you happy like some other trainers do. Paul has a deep insight into fitness and he's not afraid to push the boat out. That being said, he pays close attention to his clients abilities on a daily basis and makes training adjustments. On the days you show up already tired he won't push too far but if you're strong on a particular day and on top of things, he'll exhaust you.

How would you describe your training sessions with Paul?

The training sessions are 30 minutes long and that includes a warm up, stretching and the workout itself. Paul micro-manages everything and uses different types of weights such as dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls and body weight exercises to give you a whole body workout which includes cardio as well. It's just what a body needs.

What do you like about training with Paul?

I like that Paul is very easy to talk to, he makes the sessions fun and you always know where you're at.

Are you happy with the overall setup, for instance the location, the studio?

Location wise it's ideal for me because I only live about 4.5 minutes away and the studio is always tidy and set up when I arrive. The workouts are brilliant and it never gets boring because Paul changes the format session to session.

Do you think it's good value?

I'm not going to say it's cheap because it's not, but for me it's well worth it.

Would you recommend Paul to others?

Absolutely and I'm delighted to do so. Paul works very hard at his business, puts on a good show and the customer service is excellent.

Having worked with personal trainers, do you have any advice for someone considering doing the same?

Go with Paul, he's really tough but good. I call him El Diablo!

Studio Location

My studio is located on the Rahoon Road, near the Clybaun Road junction.

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