Very Good, Very Intense And Organized

Peggy O'Connor
Barna, Galway

Where did you hear about Paul and why did you decide to train with him?

I used to train at another personal training gym and Paul was one of my trainers there. I left after my program was completed and later on, I heard from Paul that he had set up his own business. That's how it started.

How does training with Paul compare to other personal training you've done in the past?

It's much better. I find Paul to be a very nice person who seems to care more about how you're doing, your progress and your diet than others I've worked with.

How would you describe your training sessions with Paul?

Very good, very intense and organized. When I arrive, the workout of the day is already set up and ready for me. The 30 minute training session is all planned out and there is no time wasting.

What do you like about training with Paul?

I've trained with Paul before so I'm comfortable with him. He wouldn't be a personal friend of mine but he's very friendly and if I'm not able to do a particular exercise, I'm comfortable in telling Paul that and we move on and exercise that same muscle in a different way. Training with others in the past I would have been embarrassed to say I couldn't do something but it's different with Paul. I just tell him I can't or I'm uncomfortable with it and it's never a problem.

Are you happy with the overall setup, for instance the location, the studio?

It's perfect. The studios location is good for me because I live on that side of town and it's easy for me to get there. With regards to the workouts I like the fact that they change from session to session. Paul has a treadmill in there but I made it clear from day 1 that I'm not going on that thing and he's never pushed me to. In the past I've gone to places where they insist you use the treadmill and I just don't like it.

What I really appreciate about Paul's sessions is that if you don't like something, he'll just find another way to accomplish the same thing. I'm happy with the variety of equipment, the changing workouts so it doesn't get boring and the customer service is absolutely fantastic.

Do you think it's good value?

I do actually because I started in March and signed up for a 3 month program. I missed 3 weeks at one point because I had a terrible chest infection and when I came back I told Paul I must owe him money because my time would have been used up. Paul told me that I didn't need to because he never counted the sesssions I missed and that I still had plenty.

With Paul if you miss a session he doesn't count it as a session, whereas anywhere else you go, if you miss a session or your time runs out, it counts and you lose it. With Paul I honestly do think it's good value because when my time's up, I'm going to renew for a further 3 months.

Would you recommend Paul to others?

Whenever anyone asks me where I'm training I tell them with Paul and I have no hesitation in recommending him. I did so with a girl I work with and she has joined as well.

Paul's so good and he really seems to care about people. He asks me how I'm doing and makes me feel comfortable. It's not like at a big gym where it can be crowded, intimidating and I'm uncomfortable about what I'm wearing.

Having worked with personal trainers, do you have any advice for someone considering doing the same?

I would definitely recommend it. The training with Paul is 1-1 or in a small group and if there's a problem you can speak out, it's different when you're in a big setup.

Studio Location

My studio is located on the Rahoon Road, near the Clybaun Road junction.

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